Same Address - New Look!

At Contact Carpentry, we specialize in House Renovations. Whether it’s keeping the look and feel of the past or modernising your home for a new era, Contact Carpentry have years of expertise in all types of home renovation projects throughout Queensland.

Whether its renovations to bathrooms or kitchens, minor alterations, house additions, Queenslander restorations or full house renovations, we pride ourselves in completing your home project with confidence that you’ll love the space for years to come.

We love to work on timber homes as they often come with the most freedom and adaptability for all the changes you could dream of. For whatever the type of house you own, our passion is all about renovating your home to suit your lives and family needs for a brighter future.

If you’re looking for a great home building experience from reliable experienced professionals, then book a consultation with us today and see how we can turn your dream project into reality.